Kiss of Spring Candle

Style: Love Spell


Kiss of Spring - 8oz features a wooden wick, decorative flowers, and soy wax, infused with a refreshing scent inspired by the season. The wooden wick ensures a cleaner burn, while the soy wax provides a longer-lasting scent. Enjoy a fresh and uplifting atmosphere with a Kiss of Spring.

Since the first burning is the most important, we recommend to burn it for at least an hour so you can avoid the tunnelling. If the tunneling occurs, create an aluminum foil dome around the top of the lit candle and allow the wax from the sides to melt down evenly.

  • Burning time approximately 55h

•Please do not burn the candle more than 4hours.
•Keep the lighting candle within sight all the time.
•Place it on a steady, temperature safe surface away from anything that can catch fire.
•Keep it away from children and pets
•ALWAYS triple check if the candle is still burning before you leave.

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